Rage Comics


Check the paper, you might be there. 

Easy Fix

paper Rage Comics troll truancy story - 6415270400
By CircularSquar3

Watch Out or I'll Turn You Into a Spitball!

paper - 7340169216
By Unknown

You Shall Not Have!

school sharing paper bad poker face Okay i lied - 7800990976
By bartfart500

How You Like Me Now?!

owned paper Rage Comics teachers - 4850564096
By Unknown

Mission Impossible

paper - 7013327616
By Unknown

Art class win!

cow mother of god blank paper grass art class genius - 8573477376
By lennex109

Poetry 101

paper poetry Rage Comics truancy story - 5935128064
By Unknown

But I Had Such Thoughtful Prose!

derp paper Rage Comics truancy story - 5541996544
By itroitnyah

Warm Paper

sweet jesus have mercy paper printing - 6672708608
By celder58

Fly Like a... Turkey

airplane Close Enough paper Rage Comics Turkey - 4776027136
By Megashock

Don't Forget the Details, Man

english FAIL paper Rage Comics - 5181726720
By Unknown

There are Tiny People in There Cutting Down Tiny Trees

dumb paper Rage Comics wtf - 6295004160
By Unknown

Like Watering a Plant

paper Rage Comics school - 5328177408
By Unknown

A Means to an End

Jackie Chan paper Rage Comics sign trees wtf - 6125803264
By Unknown

Font Rage

fu guy paper truancy story - 6581890560
By Unknown

At Least You Got Three Holes

paper Rage Comics - 4774007808
By markmier
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