Rage Comics


You Need to Add the Fluffy Clouds!

bob ross Challenge Accepted Close Enough painting Rage Comics - 6137605888
By Unknown


paint expectations vs reality painting - 8444110592
By Unknown

Unhappy Trees

art bob ross painting - 7740922112
By thebestLOLsaround

I Call It "Subpar" by Me

art bob ross painting - 7353869568
Via Damox

Every Time!

painting rage tape - 7953509376
By death_by_rage

Nailed It

Close Enough fu gal painting - 6534893056
By Unknown

Now Let's Paint Some Fluffy Clouds

bob ross painting Rage Comics - 4805676544
Via Sofa Pizza

Art School Problems

school art colors painting truancy story - 7446793984
By MissCreepyVendisOddball

My Dog Could Do a Better Job

nail polish nails painting Rage Comics - 5024155648
By Unknown

Le Painting Contest

art contest expectation vs reality painting - 8163240448
By Franche01 (Via ragegenerator.com)

Close Enough

painting nothing to do here - 8360927488
By Unknown

I Can Paint Some Fluffy Clouds

bob ross me gusta painting Rage Comics - 4990873856
By Unknown