Rage Comics


He Wants to Be My Player Two

numb shadowlurker xbox - 6518119168
Created by Unknown

Time for a Cold Shower

numb butts showertimes - 6751780096
Created by ja_fail

Furby: Now More Creepy

numb toy creepy mind Target - 6779760640
Created by Unknown

Is This What a Stroke Feels Like?

dentist itch numb Rage Comics - 5573253888
Created by Defy

Classic: There's No Shame in This

numb Death shower - 6710986240
Created by Unknown

It's a Pencil, NOT a Chisel!

pencil numb raisin horror derp - 6720945920
Created by Animators-Voice

Midnight Horror

numb wtf raisin horror faptimes - 6728777984
Created by Unknown

I'm an Appetizer

numb Rage Comics scary wtf - 6401000960
Created by RainbowMustache

So Awkward...

class numb Awkward lol substitute teacher truancy story - 6855749888
Created by nonamehere33

Accidental Troll Arms

alarm clock numb Rage Comics waking up - 4732759040
Created by EddieSP

I Love Being The Only One To Know These Things

class numb school fap herp derp - 6727436288
Created by Phograph

I Regret Everything I Just Said

creepypasta numb slenderman - 6577336320
Created by Marc.A.D

She Doesn't Need to Know

humping jumping me gusta numb - 6611237120
Created by Unknown

Classic: At Least the Seat Was Down...

numb omg run peetimes shadowlurker toilet seat - 6575601664
Created by Neo_Anderson1104

Mommy and Daddy's Special Drawer

numb parenting oh god why - 6746490112
Created by strikeuhpose

Never Alone

cat numb this is how i die bed lights scared - 6855750912
Created by Midnight_neko
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