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not okay

Mother Nature Enforces Good Gaming Habits

not okay Rage Comics raisin face table flip - 6002320896
Created by Nobes05

I'll Just Buy My Own Sandwich

mom not okay Okay quarters Rage Comics - 5995765504
Created by Fancydancer

Oh, Did You Want a Flat One?

not okay Rage Comics soda spiderpman troll - 5864987648
Created by MahreoKastehyo

Go to the Nurse, and Then the Principal's Office

not okay omg run Rage Comics truancy story vomit - 6346147328
Created by Unknown

Troll Grandma Will Troll

cheese not okay troll face - 6562012928
Created by herpyderp8395

Y U No Respect My Needs?

gtfo not okay Rage Comics - 5991857152
Created by Unknown