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Anyone But Fluffy!

Death dogs movies people Rage Comics sadness - 5013085952
By Unknown

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

aladdin carpet cleaning disney movies Rage Comics - 4842844160
By gwegowee

Quality Parental Bonding Time

Awkward movies parents Rage Comics sexy times - 4863764736
By Unknown

The Smallest Things are Often the Deadliest

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By Vonicon

Classic: Like They Do on the Discovery Channel

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By Unknown

So Horrible!

justin bieber movies Rage Comics - 5209710592
By natewinkleman

Rated M for Mature

you what have you done Blood anime movies meh video games - 7153829888
By Taterdude

1980 PG is Today's R

80s movies - 8387321344
By jerady

Happened to Me... Twice

forever alone relationship nerds IRL movies crying - 6816070144
By Unknown

On the Bright Side, There are No Crying Babies

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By Rosebud5192


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By Unknown

Clever Girl

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By Unknown

getting carded is getting old.....

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By death_by_rage

Why Didn't I Ration?

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By MEMEdragon

Why, Self, Why?

candy movies Popcorn - 7681227520
By Unknown

Yippie Ki Yay, My Lover

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By Unknown