Rage Comics


Rated M for Mature

you what have you done Blood anime movies meh video games - 7153829888
Created by Taterdude

Nobody Understands My Genius

movies genius - 7446632192

It Was the Best Character!

tv shows movies - 7439776256
Created by neuronstar

That Moment When You Fall Asleep

movies sleeping - 8409488896
Created by HerpDerp103

My Favorite Sing Along!

lol face movies Rage Comics TV - 6018288128

Next Time, I'll Just Get the DVD

rage movies TV volume loud - 8434982400
Created by Squid_man

And Those Pants...

movies parenting picard facepalm so close - 6584921344
Created by butterflygirl747

I Lose More Friends This Way

movies friends facebook books - 8448899840
Created by beckysharp52


boring movies truancy story - 6553510912
Created by xavi9565

Tremors Time!

movies Rage Comics scary - 4867486720
Created by JustMehh

Why Didn't I Ration?

candy me gusta movies Rage Comics raisin rage - 6447299840
Created by MEMEdragon

If the Circlet Fits

Lord of the Rings movies princess Rage Comics - 4834185472

Some Things Never Change

aging lion king movies Rage Comics - 5220897280
Created by facts5555

Spoilers Go BEFORE the Explanation!

spoilers tv shows movies funny - 7485718528

The Book Was So Much Better!

rage movies books - 8345258496
Created by hermione_everdeen

Pray She Resonates With Cruella

movies Rage Comics wife - 5533299200
Created by Bethbunnygirl
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