Rage Comics


Cereal Guy: Jake Gyllenhaal

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You Just HAD to Pick Those Seats!

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We Need a Bigger Popcorn Bucket

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So Distracting

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Created by Oscar

Previews Get Longer and Longer... And Longer...

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If the Circlet Fits

Lord of the Rings movies princess Rage Comics - 4834185472

I Didn't Even Bother Turning It On

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Why Didn't I Ration?

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Created by MEMEdragon

I'm Allergic to Your Stupid Cat!

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Created by jacobyfirox

Screw Conservation

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Created by adele001

Why! Whhhyyyyyyy!!!

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Created by memepowerman

The Book Was So Much Better!

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Created by hermione_everdeen

That Moment When You Fall Asleep

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Created by HerpDerp103

The Notebook is Funny

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Created by coden.stephano

The Smallest Things are Often the Deadliest

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Created by Vonicon

Did I Order the Saddest Cable Package?

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Created by katty2000
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