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computer guy lol meta poker face - 8095608064
Created by Sgt.Green

Epic Grandma

epic grandma true story lol laziness - 6670009088
Created by Unknown

Yeah, Want Some Fresh Squeezed?

derp sir lol Rage Comics - 6154829056
Created by Unknown

I Give it Two or Three More Days, Tops

garbage lol please - 8266573568
Created by Komega

Easy on the Science Jokes, Nerds

best of week lol pfftch Rage Comics science - 5764573696
Created by Unknown

Jokes Aren't For Everybody

computer guy facepalm lol meta moms - 7976080896
Created by theotherchick69

It's Very Uplifting

reading newspaper guy lol Gravity - 6795653888
Created by Jrsbbusa3000

no double dippin

chips lol - 7856720640
Created by death_by_rage

Please Don't Be an Africanized Bee

bee lol Rage Comics raisin face scary - 4970194944
Created by quacksterofthecourt

You Can't Resist the Trolleys

poker face lol - 6539457792
Created by Unknown

Mom Loves Telling This Story

childhood embarrassing lol oh god why - 6532416256
Created by Unknown

I Suck at Science

what have you done success grade lol science stupid - 6828855808
Created by Unknown

Security Advice

lol - 6676980736
Created by RageP199y

*Then You Better Go Catch It

lol pfftch - 6602229504
Created by alfred99


lol vacation - 8247155456
Created by AwesomeTrinket

Wait, I'm Supposed to WANT to Do That?

lol poker face Rage Comics sex ed truancy story - 5598081536
Created by Shambly
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