Rage Comics


I Shall Now Play the Song of Storms!

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By Unknown

I Will Become the Link this world deserves...

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By Mrmaginz

Navi Rage! Zelda

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By Unknown

You're Hearing the Sound Effect as You Read This

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By Unknown

Ocarina of RAGE!

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By Unknown

Silence, Foul Fairy

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By goodguyjoe555

I'm Sorry Link...

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By samappYO

Next I'll Try Song of Time

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By lavalamp42

Low Health Rage

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By Derp1231234

Should Have Worn Your Zora Suit

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By Unknown

Ocarina of Time: Master Quest

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By Godzillaman

You Can Feel Even More Power Coursing Through Your Arms!

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By PuchoIV

Skyrim Adventurer vs. Link

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By Unknown

Link the Pottery Killer

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By kpoppy9

Fill ALL the Hearts

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By ZeldaFreakMaster