Rage Comics


Turn a light on, it's dark in here. Keep your day going with the flow with these airy light jokes and puns that will have you uplifted and feeling good.

Creatures of the Night

light moth night Rage Comics - 6475324160
By Unknown

Glare Central

grandma light Rage Comics - 5415731712
By Fragglerock

But the Streak Ends Here!

pain PlayStation 4 light video games - 8418712064
By Unknown

I Will End You, Drunk Texter

bleeding bright eyes light pain Rage Comics text - 4834078720
By kingdomhearts800

Turn Off Windows, Turn On Windows

computers light Rage Comics RAPTURE windows - 4781538048
By Unknown

Invisible Soldiers of Misfortune and Blood Loss

dark light mosquitos Rage Comics sleeping - 5027635712
By Unknown

The Blinding Light

rage trollface bed phone light - 8193479424
By Emery08

Alarm Fail

rage alarm clock light sleeping - 8429212672
By halo.reach.for.the.stars

And I was hospitalized for a week after that.

basement light ouch poker face rage lightbulb - 8574537472
By Unknown

The Light Does Burn When You Just Got Up

bathroom light trollface - 8123009792
By imawesome12011