Rage Comics


You Bring Shame to the Animal Kingdom!

dogs puppies butterflies ducks sheep kitties Cats - 6830838016
By Unknown

Forever Alone Kitty

forever alone socially awkward penguin kitties Cats - 7775439616
By rrweber

At the Kitty Shelter

all the things kitties Cats - 8113136128
By Unknown

My Cat is Just a Tad Bit Hyper

kitties Cats - 7206490880
By Unknown

They Always Make Me Feel Better

customer support kitties Rage Comics scam - 5153299968
By Unknown

My Psycho Cat

Y U NO me gusta kitties Cats - 7694612736
By Unknown

How About Now?

Like a Boss im-over-it kitties Cats - 7572579072
By JoeSnake32

Math Class or Kitty Pets?

math class kitties Okay Cats college - 6554354432
By pho54

Scumbag Kitty

puke kitties Cats - 7539768064
By Vladlolz