Rage Comics


Your Kitchen Is a Bleeping Disaster

baking cooking kitchen Rage Comics - 5558648576
By Unknown

She Left Us

cereal guy dad kitchen mom Rage Comics - 4900182784
By The11thHero

Of Sisters and Nutella

sisters nutella kitchen food funny - 7500987392

Lid Rage

rage please kitchen duct tape - 8431829504
By beckysharp52

Now If I Just Had Those Claws

cut dinner fu guy healing kitchen Rage Comics raisin face wolverine wound - 4997945088
By Unknown

Get Back in the Kitchen

are you kidding me batman kitchen Rage Comics - 4771779328
By Unknown

He's a Keeper!

in laws kitchen Rage Comics troll dad women - 4892564224
By Unknown

Who Let the Mom Out?

kitchen mom Rage Comics troll dad women - 6383700992
By coolperzon

I Guess I'll Just Have a Salad

kitchen food funny fruit salad - 7498022400
By Unknown

This is MY Doma... Wait a Second...

sexism kitchen - 6563579648
By Unknown

Not so Different After All

driving kitchen men vs women Rage Comics - 6074326016
By Ragezzy

Whoops! Accidentally Sent Off a Nuke in There!

cooking wife husband kitchen - 7315025664
By Unknown

Getting a Drink

cups glasses kitchen - 7101257728
By delta_rh0

Expired Food Rage

kitchen food - 7303172352
By Dourel TV

Y U Never As Cold

bathroom kitchen Rage Comics sink water - 5213348096
By Itssoderplicious