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Pepper Spray Memories

memory kid oh god why - 8387063552
By somrunner

Just You Wait for College

best of week homework kid Rage Comics - 5223573248
By Unknown

I'd Do the Same Thing

kid push Rage Comics Subway talking worth it - 4728899328
Via moltres.tumblr.com

He Knows!

numb kid poker face scared slenderman - 6855353600
By Unknown

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

creepy crying kid Rage Comics raisins - 4927081472

Money Rage

i lied kid money Rage Comics - 6181345024
By Unknown

Nailed It, Little Mermaid

expectations kid Rage Comics - 5407326464
By Unknown

Me as a Kid

eye fancy kid monocle Rage Comics - 4694836992
By Unknown

Ball Pits

creeper kid ball pit sweet jesus true story oh god why - 6793428224
By Magis4

The Viking Protects You

beard best of week bus kid Rage Comics viking - 5355282944
By Unknown

Not Fit to Be in Pediatrics

blueberry man kid nurse hospital Okay crying - 6776213504
By Unknown