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This Kid Needs His Own Comedy Tour

jokes me gusta Rage Comics relationships - 6356409088
Created by Unknown

Can't You Laugh When I'm TRYING to Be Funny?

friends jokes laughing - 8434459392
Created by Unknown

Who Would Talk About That Kind of Thing?

jokes lol guy poker face Rage Comics that sounds naughty - 4987429888
Created by Unknown

Trolled and Re-Trolled

jokes trolldad - 7971184640
Created by Unknown

That's Not His Eye

cat jokes Rage Comics raisin rage - 6258378752
Created by buteomont

This Joke Has Been Updated

jokes nothing to do here windows - 8336604416
Created by Unknown

Definitely Had a "Hearty" Laugh Over This

heart jokes science - 8244778240
Created by Unknown

Grandpa's Hilarious

Grandpa jokes Rage Comics - 4777449216
Created by Reklawthgin

That Joke is No Longer Funny

jokes Dexter computer guy - 7968988416
Created by Unknown

Isn't It the Other Way Around?

jokes - 7165957120
Created by Eeveelovespikachu

I Still Fall for It

sex jokes sick burn burn - 7383736576
Created by SeanSpears29

How Would That Work?

jokes transformers pregnant - 8240524800
Created by Unknown

Super Trolled!

rage jokes trolling - 8339910656
Created by Unknown

It Makes for a Weird Scene

jokes funeral lol - 7589769216
Created by ParanoidPegasus

Someone Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

knock knock jokes Okay - 8240890112
Created by DemoNxCruZ

That Was My Ticket to Fame and Fortune!

jokes pfftch Rage Comics raisin rage - 6433806592
Created by Unknown
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