Rage Comics

Jackie Chan

She Never Said She Would Say Yes

dating Jackie Chan no Rage Comics relationships - 5645797120
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Lol How Does I Football?

Jackie Chan football my-brain-is-full-of-f-k - 6901736192
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So Articulate!

Jackie Chan sir Rage Comics wtf - 6143394048
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The Customer Isn't Always Right

credit cards movie theater Jackie Chan - 7110907392
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How Do I Know This Time's For Real?

dreaming Jackie Chan Rage Comics true story waking up wtf - 5770354176
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Not All the Fish Are Worthy

forever alone girls Jackie Chan Rage Comics - 5873215232
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Wait, What?

drunk Jackie Chan Rage Comics toilet paper wtf - 5120994560
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Titanic: Very Confusing to Most

titanic you dont say Jackie Chan - 6605176576
By gspence

Expiration Dates: How Do They Work?

Jackie Chan my mind is full of Rage Comics - 5391890432
By Unknown

Sleep RAGE!

shoop da woop sleep Jackie Chan my-brain-is-full-of-f-k sleeping - 6900221440
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

The Third Question, Then

Jackie Chan Rage Comics truancy story wtf - 5999737088
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You Have Morals?!

best of week Jackie Chan Rage Comics religion wtf - 5939698944
By Superman8484

Facebook Friends?

cereal guy forever alone facebook friends Jackie Chan - 6901377536
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She'll Forget You Over the Summer

Jackie Chan Rage Comics truancy story wtf yearbook - 5859043072
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Which Dress?

girlfriend Jackie Chan dress - 6952280576
By SunnySeed

Y U No Enjoy Joke?

dolan and friends Jackie Chan Rage Comics wtf - 6061393664
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