Rage Comics


Screw You, Shuffle

shuffle Music are you kidding me ipod - 7589308928
By RIPNightman

iPod Rage

ipod all the things - 7576663040
By chelseadee57

Even the Ones I Like

all the things ipod Music Rage Comics shuffle skip Songs - 5076106496
By Unknown

The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn

Music ipod cds swag computer guy - 7799940096
By ScreamoSolider

How to Get Rid of Your Boyfriend

boyfriend Music ipod relationships dating - 7353900800
By kopelia


ipod Music poker face Rage Comics - 6149633792
Via TheKingofPanclark

All the Time!

rage trollface ipod bed - 6533802240
By FixxComics

iPod vs. Radio

Music radio ipod - 6619369472
By Unknown


Music ipod herp derp true story - 6855351808
By jinjo2200

My Ears, They Bleed

ipod Rage Comics Songs volume - 4962703360
By Unknown

Where's the Repeat Button?

annoying ipod Music Rage Comics - 4806051840
By Unknown

Scumbag Song Is Only Good Three Times

ipod Rage Comics scumbag song - 5300595200
By tocoolforcats

Jesus Take the Pod

ipod jesus take the wheel Music Rage Comics - 4849942528
Via iraffiruse.net


Music ipod oh god why - 6531935488
By DiamondPickaxeSon

This is From My Private Playlist!

ipod Music Rage Comics raisin rage - 6237756160
By DukieMutt

You Can Also Send Messages and Make Calls!

dumb iphone ipod Rage Comics - 5575446784
By Espafa