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Is That Where Mom Sends Money?

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Created by Unknown

Like Losing My Best Friend

are you kidding me idiot internet Rage Comics - 5742857728
Created by Unknown


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Created by Unknown

I'm Such an Idiot

class relationships idiot truancy story omg - 6854611456
Created by Unknown

What Have You Become?

noob oh god why idiot - 6592401664
Created by RadioCommander

What Happens in Class, Stays in Class

class idiot Rage Comics solar system - 6153817600
Created by rookie99

One Does Not Simply Combine Gum and Cold Water

gum idiot mint Rage Comics water - 6161541888
Created by StickGuy94

I'll Love You No Matter How Badly I Messed You Up

are you kidding me idiot mom Rage Comics - 5873206272
Created by Unknown

I Made Her Feel Bad...

chinese food idiot rice - 4690547968
Created by doodlekitty

Your Uncle's a Funny Guy

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