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I Should Start Wearing Contacts...

peppers contact lenses herpderp spicy food - 7666625024
Created by K16

Right Over His Head

piano herpderp loading - 7596192512
Created by Unknown


bed tired herpderp insomnia sleeping sleepy - 6998330624
Created by Lawlzerz

What Customer Service is Really Like

customer service herpderp - 6588191232
Created by Unknown

Shirts Don't Lie

true story herpderp shirts - 7888829696
Created by Unknown

Never Mind, I'll Ask Someone Else...

phones tech support herpderp - 7731216384
Created by Smoking_Fish

Isn't It Obvious?

you dont say herpderp showering - 7378055168
Created by Livi

Survivor Logic

herpderp funny - 7466795264
Created by IKEAdresser45

This is Why I'm Frustrated

NSA herpderp - 7684748800
Created by Unknown

I Will Kill You With Bare Hands

are you kidding me australia herpderp - 7878363904
Created by Josh_Le_Rager

You Ain't Exactly Clean

are you kidding me herpderp - 7627114752
Created by herpinday

It Was My ISP's Fault!

poker face true story herpderp - 7820708096
Created by justAwatermelon

It's Like Newton's Apple Except With More Pain

herpderp Gravity genius funny - 7495241984
Created by Unknown

I'm Asian, Dammit!

herpderp ayfkm - 6535570688
Created by itsme14

Don't Be Ashamed of Your Heritage, B***h

Pokémon herpderp genius - 6730247680
Created by explodingpocky

Everyday at work

work herpderp - 8541676288
Created by Dustor
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