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Not Sure if Clever Ploy...

cleaning herpderp chores - 7478465024
By gavin10101

Taking Pictures

school pictures herpderp funny - 7522766848
By JDinTheHizzhouse

This is Why I Never Use the Bathroom

herpderp sister video games - 7625896704
By Unknown

Coffee Gives Me Less RAGE!

caffeine herpderp coffee sir waking up - 7693713152
By Unknown

It Was My ISP's Fault!

poker face true story herpderp - 7820708096
By justAwatermelon

Herpty Derpty

herpderp humpty dumpty - 7370796288
By Fluffys-Chums

This is the Reason I Hate Gym

are you kidding me school gym herpderp justin bieber - 7866083072
By Unknown

Smoke Detector Genius

are you kidding me fire herpderp - 7712556544
By death_by_rage

Common Courtesy: Learn It!

manners common courtesy herpderp - 7278994944
By Unknown

What Customer Service is Really Like

customer service herpderp - 6588191232
By Unknown

Theevez Gild Pls...

are you kidding me dragonborn herpderp Skyrim - 7797561344
By Unknown

Don't Lie, You Did This as a Kid

soda poker face all the things herpderp fast food - 7708239360
By Unknown

Survivor Logic

herpderp funny - 7466795264
By IKEAdresser45

China in Europe

China herpderp geography - 6726708736
By Unknown

No, We All Just Felt Like Standing in Here and Wearing the Same Shirt!

captain obvious herpderp dumb questions - 7867531520
By Unknown

I Robbed a Bank...

herpderp money - 7272243200
By Unknown
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