Rage Comics


The Beatles Were so Not This Cute

gtfo one direction Rage Comics raisin horror the Beatles - 6376784128
Created by TheNameIsPalmerJustinRat

There's More to Being King Than Getting Your Way All the Time

gtfo Okay Rage Comics the lion king - 5291091712
Created by Lorenzooooooo23

Mind the Whine

dogs gtfo pets Rage Comics troll dad - 6339600640
Created by ToySoulja

Get Out of My House

gtfo Okay Rage Comics raisin rage - 5944312320
Created by Garnetton

Doesn't That Donkey Sound Familiar?

gtfo Rage Comics shrek women - 5697595392
Created by i-has-a-comic

TL; Missing Out

gtfo Memes Rage Comics tldr - 5504316160
Created by Unknown

You Can Make a Kitchen With Legos

gtfo lego parenting Rage Comics - 6410915072
Created by agony_roses

But sir... weren't you forgetting something?

school test melvin gtfo - 8586700544
Created by Unknown

I Can't Believe You Would Admit To That

gtfo Rage Comics summer blockbusters - 6256819456
Created by cristina150

Don't You Look at Me Like That

dogs faptimes gtfo Okay poker face Rage Comics - 5764484864
Created by Unknown

What is Wrong With the Kids?

facepalm herpderp glee leave my presence gtfo - 5855709440
Created by Unknown

Y U No Respect My Needs?

gtfo not okay Rage Comics - 5991857152
Created by Unknown

But Your Basement is so Comfy!

growing up gtfo parenting Rage Comics - 6300285696
Created by Justtrolledyou

First Sunday, and Now This...

chick fil a chick fil-a gtfo noms - 6590744832
Created by Unknown

Only I Can Insult My Baby

dogs gtfo insult Rage Comics stupid - 4892648704
Created by Unknown

He Lives In a Box or Whatever

doctor who gtfo Rage Comics - 5972265216
Created by DarthVaderStoleMyDeathStar