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The Internets' Favorite Pet

annoying girlfriend Rage Comics - 5298714624
Created by Unknown

It Was a Test, You Idiot

girlfriend Rage Comics Valentines day wtf - 5807476480
Created by Unknown


elementary school middle school girlfriend high school - 7005276160
Created by Feathergreen

I Don't Need Your Booty Call

ex fu guy girlfriend Rage Comics text - 4926675968
Created by Mr.Meme

She Better Still Be Under Warranty

FAIL girlfriend Rage Comics rick roll - 5296542464
Created by Unknown

The Cat's On My Side of the Bed, Isn't It?

apartment are you kidding me girlfriend Rage Comics - 5812381696
Created by Zerpina

Aaaaaaand Dreams Shattered!

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Created by Unknown

Facebook and Relationships...

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Created by Unknown

So, What Should We Name the Kitty?

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Created by Unknown

Forever Alone Indeed

forever alone relationships girlfriend dating - 7376978432
Created by ForeverFaisal

Well There's Your Problem

girlfriend Rage Comics watch out guys - 5935251712
Created by Conky0

I'll Never Look at Her the Same Way

girlfriend lol parents Rage Comics - 6162262272
Created by Unknown

Especially Ones About You

all the things Awkward girlfriend Rage Comics - 5391057920
Created by xxkarlfxx

I Do This IRL; It's Much Harder

girlfriend phones Rage Comics television - 4728863488
Via I Raff I Ruse

Hint, Hint

girlfriend hairy Rage Comics - 4774000640
Created by Loliwrath

Y U No Return My Love

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Created by Rose