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boyfriend forever alone gf derpina girlfriend crush - 6837099520
Created by Unknown

Better Lock Her Up

gf Rage Comics - 5554487040
Created by Unknown

Stay Focused

gf KISS Rage Comics television - 5329854976
Created by 0verEase

Would Have Mean Mugged You

gf morning Rage Comics success kid - 5304016640
Created by Unknown

I WIll Kill You If You Don't Kill Me First

car driving gf Rage Comics - 5526492672
Created by Unknown

She'll Make It Worth Your Time Later

gf Rage Comics relationships sexytimes - 5304398336
Created by Omnitrox

Worth Every Second

gf hot not bad Rage Comics waiting - 4966958592
Created by Unknown

Now That's What I Call Multitasking

gf me gusta Rage Comics vibrate - 5518808320
Created by kiisha69

My Mom Can't Be That Cool

adopted everything went better than expected gf mom Rage Comics raisin face - 5604833024
Created by MemeJudge

That Meant a Lot to Me

flowers gf Rage Comics relationships wtf - 5299653632
Created by Unknown

And What a Happy Birfday It'll Be

gf grandma phone Rage Comics - 5223181056
Created by zjt1246574

The Best/Worst Girlfriend in the World

awesome bad poker face gf Rage Comics - 5122127104
Created by Unknown

No Lady of Mine Gets Away With This

gf nutella Rage Comics - 5418339072
Created by Mobbasta

They're On to You, Sweetums

gf mother of god Rage Comics - 5300474880
Created by Unknown