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Nothing happened today

school herp derp genius - 8556861440
By Unknown

Every. Single. Time.

apps facebook genius - 6525790720
By Agent_Caveman

Can I Also Interest You in Polaroids of Jesus?

question homework timeline library genius - 8424805888
By beckysharp52

Sometimes I'm THAT Dumb

email genius computer guy - 8086296832
By Unknown

Quite a Genius Idea!

Challenge Accepted Oreos genius - 6506153984
By Gandhiloveslincoln

Craftsmanship at Its Finest

genius - 6608128256
By Unknown

Scumbag Genius

scumbag hat genius bike - 6655395328
By HugoPlay

Don't Be Ashamed of Your Heritage, B***h

Pokémon herpderp genius - 6730247680
By explodingpocky

Wait...Google Uses Internet Now?

the internets genius computer guy google - 8285390848
By SirDrPeanut123

Oh, Internet.

distraction internet genius - 6695472640
By StupidJerkAss

One Way + One Way = Two Way?

genius funny - 7465416192
By Unknown

You, Sir, Are a Mastermind

evil genius Rage Comics sprite - 4773832704
Via thefuuuucomics.tumblr.com

You Didn't ACTUALLY Put the Mouse on the Start Menu, Did You?

customer service genius tech support - 6507368192
By trifelife

It's Like Newton's Apple Except With More Pain

herpderp Gravity genius funny - 7495241984
By Unknown


selfie ipad genius funny - 6602417408
By Unknown

Every Time

trash sink genius - 8413532416
By Unknown
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