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wtf seriously genius - 6799070720
By Unknown

Nothing happened today

school herp derp genius - 8556861440
By Unknown

The Red (Ink) Badge of Stupidity

class sweet jesus genius - 6538994688
By Unknown

Art class win!

cow mother of god blank paper grass art class genius - 8573477376
By lennex109

Don't Be Ashamed of Your Heritage, B***h

Pokémon herpderp genius - 6730247680
By explodingpocky

False Boredom

bored genius - 8426452480
By DissolveTheKitten

Wait...Google Uses Internet Now?

the internets genius computer guy google - 8285390848
By SirDrPeanut123

That Was Clearly Angry Static

genius ghosts Jackie Chan Rage Comics wtf - 5752118784
By Unknown

How Do I Brain?

homework genius - 7941068800
By Kittehlolzrfun

This One's Less Suspicious

genius noise Rage Comics - 5232110080
By TheNew6uy

Drunken Genius!

beer genius drunk me gusta - 8179374080
By andrewz87

One Way + One Way = Two Way?

genius funny - 7465416192
By Unknown

Jimmy Neutron II, Everybody...

genius kids toys - 8334039552
By Bergmite

It Was Revenge for Nam, Right?

genius Rage Comics true story - 5991997952
By PFC-Rico

Men Logic

men genius men logic - 6033083392
By Unknown


genius Photo wtf - 6607374592
By Unknown
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