Rage Comics


The Origin of the Internetz

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By impostergir007

Always Shut Down First

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By DK3000

Why Don't More People Do This? Oh, Yeah...

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By 10Wolf2Dog

What Does the Scouter Say About the Value of X?

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By Unknown

I'll Just Pretend I Didn't See That

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By Unknown

What Are the Chances That This Thing Will Spontaneously Start Running?

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By Unknown

I Have No Memory Of This Place...

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By MiracleWhip

Infinite Capacity for Oxygen

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By Unknown

The Legends Are True

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By TcheQ_

Quick Thinking

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By Unknown

Art Supply Problems

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By Unknown

We're Supposed to Be Mature Adults

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By Unknown

I've Been Replaced

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By Unknown

Well I'm Never Laughing Again

gasp lol Rage Comics - 4774097152
By Unknown

Dat Running Water

gasp pee shower bathroom sir derp - 6754412544
By Unknown

It Knows All

gasp email message - 6877903360
By Unknown
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