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Your Loss, Lady

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But How?

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Back to the Freezer With You!

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Another Turkey Sandwich?

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The 3-Second Rule

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I Just Wanted a Drink...

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Created by ___________

My Weakness!

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Created by paperguy9989

Gluten Isn't Getting in the Way of a Tasty Snack

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Created by tentoes2

I'm a Tin Opener, Nothing More

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But the Next One Isn't for MILES!

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Created by bender.christian

Green Means Gross

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Created by Ippe95

Cats Shouldn't Even Eat Cheeseburgers

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Created by Batmanrobin14

Why I Hate the County Fair

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Created by death_by_rage

Get In My Mouth

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Via EPICPonyz

Grandma, Y U No Remember Anything?!

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Cereal Anytime

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Created by BekahMacAttack