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Nailed It

freddie mercury gym that feel fitness exercise Nailed It - 7017127424
Created by Unknown

Bro, Ease Off a Little!

bros gym fitness exercise Awkward - 7770694144
Created by Unknown

My Weakness!

healthy fitness exercise diets pie oh god why food - 7785798144
Created by paperguy9989

Stupid Dudebro

bros fitness exercise funny - 7439951872
Created by Unknown

Oh You're Just Saying That!

fitness oh stop it you exercise wii - 6906727936
Created by Unknown

Screw You, Body!

scale fitness exercise - 7119674624
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

The Unexpected Perks of Marriage

fart fitness gym Rage Comics - 4817532416
Via pen1sh0l3

Power Nap

workout fitness exercise power nap crunches - 6975921664
Created by Unknown

I Got Tendonitis!

gym fitness exercise aint-nobody-got-time-for-that funny - 7439289088
Created by Unknown

My Whole Body Hurts!

workout fitness exercise - 7564051200
Created by Stefan007

Such a Badass

fitness exercise crunches working out - 7271320064
Created by Unknown

Too Much Innuendo for Me

gym innuendo workout me gusta fitness exercise - 7879545600
Created by Unknown