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Don't Be Like That, Baby

fap forever alone Rage Comics - 5794381056
Created by Stacychan

A Fap God!

fap god masturbation Rage Comics tissues - 4729058048
Via thefuuuucomics.tumblr.com

Thank You, Alarmco

fap mother of god raisin horror - 6581872128
Created by L_Mariee

Flower Power!

fap me gusta sweet jesus lol flowers sneezing - 7207565824
Created by itsmrshaggy

Guitar class

fap me gusta practice Rage Comics - 4791928064
Created by Unknown

Work Those Biceps

Close Enough fap Rage Comics schlick - 4815407616
Created by Unknown

My Childhood Is Ruined

mulan disney fap computer soon fapping - 6842833408
Created by LizzyJH

Lucky For Me...

homework fap roommates college lucky - 6752988160
Created by Unknown

Fapping Rage!

fap Challenge Accepted - 8427762176
Created by Unknown

Moms Say the Darndest Things

fap farts Rage Comics true story - 5747132160
Created by snoman619

Who Was I Kidding?

fap faptimes meme Rage Comics - 5602120704
Created by Unknown

A Guy's Greatest Fear

fap parents Rage Comics scared - 6166167552
Created by Unknown

Something went wrong with the birds and the bees...

fap cow moo wings true story birds and the bees - 6911454464
Created by Unknown

It Smells Like Desperation In Here

fap gross Rage Comics smell troll dad - 4795016704
Created by Unknown

Ninja Wank

fap masturbation ninja Rage Comics - 4787506176
Created by MrDavestar

Can I Have Five Minutes on the Clock, Please?

battery Challenge Accepted fap faptimes Rage Comics - 6083905280
Created by Unknown