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Dark Pit is Something...

facepalm video games super smash bros it's something - 8331474432

When People From Wisconsin Move to Texas...

cheese facepalm texas wisconsin - 8106413056

Person Mix-up

nothing to do here Awkward facepalm - 7294287872

I Have Long Hair Because I Hate Being Bald

facepalm hair haircut - 8099601152
Created by Oscaror

The Belgian Panda Problem

news facepalm - 7803830016

Don't Worry About It

trolling facepalm - 7585701632

That Was My Plan All Along

hot tub me gusta farts farting facepalm oh god why - 6487930368


SimCity facepalm video games - 7683644416

Every Single Time!

rage facepalm - 8055295744
Created by DarkGod666

Bro, Really?

xbox live nothing to do here herp derp facepalm genius xbox 360 - 6795819520
Created by Rhizvo

Facepalm RAGE!

are you kidding me facepalm sir no parents - 6544385024

Happens All the Time...

text facepalm friends - 8091744256
Created by tentoes2

Every Car Trip in History

facepalm - 7166250240
Created by Thomas_M

Why Do People Ask This?

jobs work facepalm - 7686594560

...But I Can't Work With HIM

class school facepalm partners - 8139219712

Snow: Pros and Cons

snow growing up facepalm snowstorm - 8577504768
Created by InfamousRage
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