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Don't Forget the Details, Man

english FAIL paper Rage Comics - 5181726720
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languages english america - 7427416832
Created by jerseydevil82

English Exams Are Stressful

rage school english test writing exams - 8384000768
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Language Barriers

english language Okay chinese - 8370941696
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I Wikipedia-ed and Everything

class english essay failing Rage Comics - 5128480000
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What? Something?

english truancy story - 6699638528
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It's Like a Completely Different World!

Music english french - 8301032704
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Their English Sounds Funny

best of week english language picard facepalm Rage Comics - 5783781120
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Literature Test

english test truancy story - 6626901504
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Come On Back Soon, Ya Hear?

english Jackie Chan sir Rage Comics vacation wtf - 5663589120
Created by Rotator

You Fabricated the Girlfriend Part, Didn't You?

english Rage Comics slightly fabricated spanish - 5311955968
Created by ngoline