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Technologically Advanced Grandma

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By burntfish123


email FAIL Rage Comics shame store - 4829307904
By Unknown


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By Unknown

Email, How Does It Work?

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By GedLarsen

For a Second I Thought I Had Friends

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By Unknown

I Can Make Musubi!

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By RoBoDiSeaSe

The Attachment Was My Resume!

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By ATO2012

Subscriber Rage

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By Unknown

Taking Calls at Work...

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By jenl2881

I'm Slow!

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By Unknown

Select All to the Rescue

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By death_by_rage

Them Good Ole' Days...

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By TheAnonymousRage

Server Devs in a Nutshell

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By MineyOP


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By Unknown

Spam at the Door

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By Unknown

They Don't

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By Unknown
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