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I Need Some Toast to Soak This Up

awesome breakfast eggs Rage Comics surgery - 5548430336
Created by Unknown

Just the PMS Talking

eggs periods Rage Comics trolldad vegetarian - 6107898880
Via phantomNemasis

Awkward Chat

eggs periods - 7019918848
Created by Unknown

I Can't Flip the Stupid Thing!

cooking eggs - 8033505024
Created by StupidRageComicsMakeMeSad

Droopy Side Up

Challenge Accepted Close Enough eggs Rage Comics - 5065416960
Created by Jab

Everything But

groceries eggs poker face parenting - 6678151168
Created by Unknown

I Just Want to Use the WHOLE Egg!

cooking eggs what have you done sweet jesus table flipping - 8083786752
Created by Zefyrinus

The Hell Is That Smell?

all the things eggs genius microwave Rage Comics - 5693799424
Created by dpDaniPearl

It Was Such a Fun Easter Egg Hunt

eggs Jackie Chan Rage Comics wtf - 6083713536
Created by Unknown

Dem Eggs

rage cooking eggs - 6530512384
Created by dubsteppa

You Gotta Flip 'Em More Gently

cooking eggs Rage Comics - 4747952384
Created by Unknown