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Rage Comics: An Expert Mixologist

booze drinks me gusta Rage Comics science - 5966932736

It Could be Poison!

drinks five second rule raisin face - 6234085632
Created by ticklemepink22

Low-Quality Cups

drinks soda rage - 8079390208
Created by Unknown

I Should Know Better By Now

avalanche drinks cups soda ice - 7160015872
Created by Unknown

A Challenge, Bar None

bar challenge drinks gay Rage Comics - 4703179264
Created by Unknown

I Really Needed to Hydrate, Tee Hee!

bar drinks f yeah freddie Rage Comics - 5991822336
Created by Unknown

I... I Thought We Were Friends!

drinks oh god why parents betrayal - 7315277824
Created by Unknown

In-Flight Failures

drinks flying fu guy plane Rage Comics snacks - 6031409152
Created by Unknown

I Was Hoping for a Pity Date

bar drinks Rage Comics rude women - 4767718400
Created by Unknown

The Last Drop...

raisin rage troll drinks - 6635402496
Created by Jozephh

Air Pressure Magic

drinks me gusta Rage Comics straws - 6481144064
Created by Unknown

Why You Should Always Use a Coaster

drinks rage - 8109072384
Created by Derp1231234