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He Made His Own Hot Sauce

derp drinking - 6518968832
By Herpinson

That is the Last Time I Drink Maple Whiskey

drinking St Patrick's Day friends lol oh god why - 8106508032
By Unknown

Regret ALL the Decisions

alcohol all the things best of week drinking Rage Comics - 5898453248
By Unknown

Don't Drink and Text

drinking drunk wasted oh god why texting - 6623313920
By Unknown

Can't Have You Exposed to Violence

are you kidding me drinking Rage Comics video games - 6392587776
By AgentTasmania

Never Drinking Again

drinking i lied Rage Comics - 5184868352
By PhillyD16

Well played good sir

rage vomit drinking Challenge Accepted friends cell phone - 6524613376
By Unknown

When the Ouzo Kicks In

drinking super smash bros video games - 8424160768
By Unknown

Classic: Hydrating Like a Sir

drinking glass sir Rage Comics water - 6229197056
By Wessie1990

Don't Be This Guy

drinking not sure if gusta St Patrick's Day - 8109974272
By Unknown

Run From the Police!

beer drinking x men - 8462700288
By bomb_bird

So Much for My Teeth

drinking FAIL fu guy ice cubes Rage Comics - 4973683200
By Unknown

Then Sit Back Down and Keep Drinking!

couch drinking drunk Rage Comics sit wasted - 4773755648
Via thefuuuucomics.tumblr.com

How is This Even Possible?

drinking sleeping - 8440866304
By Unknown

We Know, We Don't Care

drinking drunk lol Rage Comics - 4777326592
By theshamsband.com
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