Rage Comics


Cue the Righteous Brothers

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Created by beckysharp52

Women and Choke Points

derpina Rage Comics walking - 4699959552
Created by Unknown

Nurse Brain

Y U NO like a lady nurse derpina - 6624723968
Created by RNyogi10

Dammit, Derpina...

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Created by Unknown

This was the last time we 'talked'

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Created by Unknown

Make a Move Already!

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Created by iCrazyTouch

Forever Aphone

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Created by Unknown

Scumbag Roommate

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Created by Unknown

Derp vs. Derpina

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Created by DivFriv

Memebase Has Invaded My Girlfriend's Mind

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Created by fenixeffect

Such a Waste

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Created by rh0dr1

That Moment When...

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Created by Unknown

The Closet Trick

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Created by Unknown

I'm Not Even Worth a Response...

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Created by Unknown

Always Available

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Created by Unknown

Nightly Horrors (Are Made of This)

derpina dreams shower - 7545167360
Created by Unknown
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