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I've Got the Dance Floor All to Myself

forever alone dancing love dating - 6541365248
By Unknown

There Will Be No Shame

dancing Rage Comics - 4690419200
By Vincent_Black


dancing sir nostalgia shots Music - 6652136448
By KirkZellers2

Toss My Dignity Aside!

dancing shopping - 7158950912
By Unknown

Sexy and You Know It

dancing expectations vs reality lol Rage Comics - 5618483200
By TheDoctor17

Better Bust Out Some Sweet Moves - GIF

Funny GIF about working from home for the day and dancing when nobody is looking.
By Unknown
Funny gif of a stick figure that is working from home, realizes that no body is behind him, and busts out some crazy dance moves

No One Shall Ever See These Moves

dancing kinect - 7111830784
By Unknown

Better than Flashdancing

Close Enough dancing Music neighbors Rage Comics - 4748052224
By Unknown

She Likes a Little Aggression

dancing objection Rage Comics raisin rage - 5637161728
By Unknown

Too Ugly to Dance

dancing forever alone me gusta Okay - 7899700992
By Unknown

Whenever, Whatever, We're Meant to be Together

dancing Rage Comics relationships - 6308435456
By garveyer

Annie are You Okay?

dancing michael jackson poker face Rage Comics raisin rage - 6271234816
By Unknown

Haters to the Left

Challenge Accepted dancing Rage Comics star wars - 6075120640
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It's Time to Get Funky

dancing - 8444231680
By Smartybrat

Those Moves Are Blasphemous!

dancing wedding church - 6981451008
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