Rage Comics


Just Needed to Know You Were There for Me

are you kidding me customers drive thru Rage Comics true story - 5604824320
Created by Unknown

The Customer is Always Derpy

customer service customers lego retail - 8220690176
Created by Drakmanka

Just Once?

customers derp gay Rage Comics - 4707234816
Created by Unknown

Bagging Milk

rage work customers grocery shopping - 8217078272
Created by Jobi-Wan

No Brains, No Hearing, No Service

cashier customers job Rage Comics - 6503747840
Created by Unknown

Buy One, Get Derp

customers restaurant sandwich sale - 8389562624
Created by Hippie21

Were You Even Listening?

customers hotel no phone - 6529654272
Created by Unknown

I'm Sorry! I Didn't Know!

marriage Death customers old people grandparents - 7753918464
Created by Unknown

You've Got to Be Freakin' Kidding Me

jeans retail customers i lied - 7219536896
Created by Unknown

We Close When I Want

customers dumb Rage Comics you dont say - 6361447424
Created by Unknown

Dumb Customers

customers herpderp - 7845611008
Created by Unknown

15 Ounces of Ice, 1 Ounce of Coke

coke customers ice Rage Comics rude - 4921611776
Created by swimmingmunky

Meat Department Don'ts

herp derp work customers meat - 8548416256
Created by Unknown

I Hate Working Here...

customer service customers - 6554374656
Created by Unknown

A Town Built Just For Visitors?

barista customers - 8147510528
Created by nicole.tilton.5

The Customer is Always Right

retail customers - 8295858176
Created by Jimber
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