Rage Comics


Do You Want to Pay More?

cashier customer Rage Comics stupid - 6125681920
Via snickles19

Stick to ALL the Deadlines!

all the things customer deadline Rage Comics translation - 5568462080
By Unknown

The Joys of Working in Retail

Challenge Accepted customer Rage Comics raisin rage - 6226503936
By Unknown

Just Take Me Away, Officer

Awkward customer date Rage Comics - 5351286272
By Kateydoo76

Every Barista's Dream

annoying barista coffee customer customer service Rage Comics - 5012485376
By Unknown

The Customer Is Rarely Right

annoying customer help Rage Comics - 5160444928
By armydocrizzo

The Customer Is Usually Wrong

cereal customer Rage Comics - 5233235456
By Unknown

Penny for Your Rage

credit card customer pennies Rage Comics - 5379475456
By Unknown

Think I Saw Them on Abbey Road

customer Music Rage Comics store - 5921941760
By silber79

Forever Too Young

age customer Rage Comics - 5391805184
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trolling poker face customer ladies - 8462616576
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I Will Cut You

annoying customer Rage Comics work - 4862139392
By Unknown