Rage Comics


It is a Fine Day to Be Cooking.

cooking poker face - 6756359936
By Unknown

Being a Chef

cooking restaurant - 7734717952
By KillerCheeze

It's Always Better the Next Day

chef cooking leftovers Rage Comics sister - 4896808960
By Unknown


ramen cooking close call - 8436301568
By DissolveTheKitten

I Just Want to Use the WHOLE Egg!

cooking eggs what have you done sweet jesus table flipping - 8083786752
By Zefyrinus

Not-fast-enough Food

cooking pasta - 8545686016
By nox-182

Conventional Oven Cooking Time: 12-14 Minutes

cooking pizza - 7592654592
By Unknown

An Unwatched Pot Boils With Fervor

annoying boiling cooking Rage Comics - 5586261760
By Unknown

A Delicate Blend

cereal cooking dinner FAIL Rage Comics - 4839103232
By Unknown

Bad Food is Better Than Cooking

cooking eating i lied lunch Rage Comics - 4896411648
By Unknown

Scariest Thing in the World

biscuits cooking noise - 8445825280
By Smartybrat

One Can Only Eat so Many Sandwiches

cooking parenting Rage Comics raisin rage - 6297202688
By Unknown

It Starts Out Fun...

cooking - 8437740544
By noesty12

An Unwatched Pot

cooking pasta - 7923141376
By Unknown

Cooking for Parents

cooking - 6908584448
By Unknown

The Worst Burning Smell

boiling cooking fu guy milk Rage Comics - 5076188928
By Unknown