Rage Comics


The Parent Trap

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By Unknown

They Know I Make Balloon Animals

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By Unknown

Object In Rubber May Be Smaller Than It Appears

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By 8694

They Taste Kinda Funny

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By chadd990

I Should Have Said No

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Buy Extras Just In Case!

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Miss Understood

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By thepinkleprechaun

You're In Trouble Now, Sistah

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By Unknown

What About These Ones in the Black and Gold?

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By HertzHetfield

Girlfriend's House

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Young Couple Logic

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By cloudcray

One I Can Zip Up

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By bluespyguy85

Yeah? Well I Got My Genes From You, Dad!

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By skrewflanders

They've Got Your Names on Them

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By Unknown

Awkward Study Time

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By Unknown

Confuse All the Skins!

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By Oh_kristerrr
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