Rage Comics


Dem Priorities

middle school priorities cod we got a badass over here - 6688650752
By Unknown

Too Much COD...

call of duty trollface scumbag brain amusement park lines video games cod - 8111417344
By gravedigga63

Kids, it Won't Live Up to Your Expectations

call of duty aging video games cod - 8310026240
By tentoes2

You Have Terrible Taste

cod Rage Comics video games - 5509116928
By Unknown

Forever a Cousin

forever alone that feel black ops 2 i know that feel bro cod - 7505833472
By Unknown

Video Game Logic

cod video games Super Mario bros - 7913660928
By the_proper_stranger

Every Time!

table flip oh stop it you girls lol video games cod - 6796474624
By freshbru

Riot Rage

cod rage expectation vs. reality - 7958904576
By FeatheredRooster

Noob Rage

call of duty cod gamers video games - 8135495936
By Unknown

So Good it Hurts

rage me gusta video games cod - 6533814272
By rockyroads1

Call of Duty Players

rage call of duty cod - 8266068224
By Unknown