Rage Comics

Close Enough

They Sort of Count

Close Enough apples - 6218785024
By AngelReg1362

The Germs Are Dead, Right?

Close Enough mouthwash Rage Comics - 5094767616
By InternationalTCK

Close Enough

Close Enough - 6723817984
By tobywoby5

My First Car!

birthday car Close Enough first mom Rage Comics - 4700669952

Singing to Skrillex

skrillex Challenge Accepted dubstep Close Enough - 8079965952
By Unknown

Mickey Shape Fail

Close Enough cookies baking mickey mouse - 7972204800
By KaramellKuche

You're Not Bruce Lee Yet, Buddy

Close Enough karate Okay expectation vs reality - 8099342848
By tentoes2

Seeing Her Soon!

Close Enough kissing relationships - 8091450368
By Unknown

Logging In

username password Close Enough logging in - 8279075072
By IHaveALotOfTimeOnMyHands

Oreo Cake

cake expectations vs reality baking Close Enough oreo - 8273657088
By Unknown

My Notes Are Pretty and Color Coded!

Challenge Accepted Close Enough notes Rage Comics - 5664141056
By ponies4bronies

I'm a DJ, Check Out My Remix

Close Enough drumming Rage Comics song - 4894242816
By Unknown

Signature Problems

Close Enough expectation vs reality signature - 8172564992
By Howlerdude

It Gives My Essay Character

all the things Close Enough Rage Comics truancy story - 6013732352
By Unknown

Engineering Doesn't Have to be That Accurate, Right?

are you kidding me engineering Close Enough - 6772966912
By Unknown

You Look Bangin'

Close Enough haircut Rage Comics - 5113675264
By Unknown