Rage Comics


Step 1: Fix Browser

chrome computer internet explorer - 8343469568
By death_by_rage

Erasing History

chrome erasing god google history Rage Comics - 4777601536
By ronan908

All Those Colors Let in More Bad Stuff

chrome internet explorer truancy story - 6543377152
By Unknown

Chrome, Stop Mocking Me!

browser chrome - 7043693568
By Unknown

Patience is a Virtue

all the things chrome computer guy firefox patience trollface - 8017091072
By Unknown

Together We Can Rule the Internets

chrome internet explorer Rage Comics star wars - 6321402880
By Unknown


chrome computers installation updates - 6601652992
By Unknown

Oh Really Now?

the internets you dont say chrome - 8430442752
By pokemonfan0723

You Were the Chosen One!

browsers chrome internet explorer so close - 6550939136
By may94

New PC

browser computer internet explorer chrome - 8318322432
By CrazyCalvinWilliams