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Not Sure if Clever Ploy...

cleaning herpderp chores - 7478465024
By gavin10101

My Dad is Always a Troll

Okay chores trolldad - 8235559936
By Unknown

Does This Happen to Anyone Else?

mothers moms parenting chores - 7559570688
By Unknown

Slippery Floors...

ice skating chores - 8191474432
By Unknown

Stolen Initiative

chores mom Rage Comics - 5391612672
By thefallen746

Troll Dad Thoughts

troll dad parenting chores - 7774648576
By GonzoRulz

Morning Me is a Slacker

bed lazy chores morning rage - 8177203456
By beckysharp52

It's Laundry Time!

laundry chores clothes - 8100246272
By mimikittie

Really, Mom?

rage chores mom - 8126844928
By respectthederp

My First Priority

homework fapping chores - 7414148864
By BurgerUchiha

Lazy Stepdads

are you kidding me chores - 8007487744
By Shadownite1105

The Mother-Made Paradoxes...

Okay chores moms trollface - 7924845568
By JoeSnake32

Mom Logic

moms parenting mom logic chores - 7844530688
By figwickits

Dat Rain Tho

trolldad mowing the lawn chores rain - 8244912640
By ragecomics389

I've Done Enough Work!

no chores meh moms parenting - 7912505344
By ogmememaker

Sinus Troll Rage!

trollface chores - 7979321856
By cuzsis