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All Diet and No Play Makes Derpina a Grumpy Chick

chocolate diet forever alone Rage Comics - 6431197184
By Unknown


easter chocolate Rage Comics - 8133979392
Via Dump a Day

Skittle Flavored M&M's

chocolate flavors mms Rage Comics - 5296623872
By Kateydoo76

Dat Cheap Chocolate

candy easter sale all the things chocolate - 8162663168
By Arbiter_Gf

Those Were Her Emergency Chocolates

candy chocolate Rage Comics - 4799236864
By Unknown

Fat Bottomed Girls, You Make the Rockin' World Go Round

chocolate fat Rage Comics - 5441152512
By Unknown

I'm Chocolaty and Disgusting

chocolate guilt noms Rage Comics - 5486483200
By Unknown

Little Chocolate Mines

chocolate chocolate milk me gusta Rage Comics - 5680028672
By Unknown

The Problem With Cakes

cakes chocolate - 7615714816
By Unknown

Sweet Taste

milk sweet jesus chocolate - 8131131136
By Notsofunnystuff

Damn You, Thermodynamics

chocolate money pocket Rage Comics - 5581636608
By Unknown

No, You're Delicious

chocolate compliments oh stop it you Rage Comics - 6355866368
By Unknown

Almond "Joy"

candy me gusta chocolate - 8442240256
By DissolveTheKitten

Thanks a Lot, Mom!

rage chocolate mom - 8401194496
By Ragemaster12321

I Like Chocolate, OK?

forever alone girlfriend chocolate Valentines day - 7053016064
By freshbru

Big Difference

milk not bad sweet jesus chocolate - 8286902272
By KaoticPopTartz
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