Rage Comics


Yes, That is a Sufficient Amount of Chicken

are you kidding me chicken cooking noms - 6659807744
By StupidJerkAss

They're So Big, Plump, and Juicy

chicken Rage Comics she wants my that sounds naughty - 5254779392

That's Racist

black chicken racism Rage Comics white - 5281790464
By AddyAdam

Please Don't Be Drug Resistant

chicken poker face Rage Comics raisin face salmonella - 5051327488
By Evan767

Which Part of the Chicken Does the Tofu Come From?

chicken - 7993898496
By Unknown

Red Meat is Murder

chicken meat Rage Comics raisin rage - 5973671424
By geekbtch

I Will Stop in the Middle of This Street

car chicken Rage Comics - 5148468480
By Unknown

Niether are Penguins

birds chicken dumb Rage Comics truancy story - 6328142080
By blahbluenx