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Do You Want to Pay More?

cashier customer Rage Comics stupid - 6125681920
Via snickles19

I Hate Effort Duplication...

are you kidding me cashier fast food - 8295342336
Created by Bobby_Joe

I Am the Stuff of Nightmares

cashier children Rage Comics shadowlurker - 6433012480
Created by Unknown

No Brains, No Hearing, No Service

cashier customers job Rage Comics - 6503747840
Created by Unknown

Cashier RAGE!

are you kidding me cashier herpderp politeness - 6546184704
Created by Unknown

Yes, this does happen every time

embarrassing cashier - 8562537472
Created by beckysharp52

Who Invented These Stupid Self-Checkouts?

self checkout cashier grocery store - 7539763968
Created by Vladlolz

Yeah. That Never Gets Old.

trolldad work cashier - 6530523904
Created by Unknown

I'm Gonna Quit

jobs checkout cashier grocery store - 7117665024
Created by BarryObama

I Needed It for My Gum

cashier i lied Rage Comics - 4913956352
Created by Unknown

Have a Nice Day, B***h

boyfriend checkout relationships cashier grocery store - 7675626496
Created by freshbru