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captain obvious

These Things Should Be Obvious!

captain obvious you dont say - 7843102208
Created by Unknown

"I Would Think Shouting Its Name Would Make It Obvious..."

pokedex Pokémon are you kidding me captain obvious squirtle herpderp - 7485746688
Created by Unknown

No, We All Just Felt Like Standing in Here and Wearing the Same Shirt!

captain obvious herpderp dumb questions - 7867531520
Created by Unknown

You Haven't Noticed at All?

captain obvious kingdom hearts t shirts video games - 7155842560
Created by Unknown

I Hadn't Realized!

captain obvious you dont say accidents - 6541515008
Created by Unknown

Are You Sure?

phones captain obvious call you dont say - 7544815616
Created by Unknown

Captain Obvious to the Rescue!

captain obvious you dont say nicolas cage - 7605148928
Created by Elitesmiley

Isn't It Obvious??

gym class school captain obvious you dont say truancy story - 7881160960
Created by DaxsDeathBlaze