Rage Comics

call of duty

Meet the World of Gamers

call of duty gamers video games - 7786263808
By Unknown

Love is a Battlefield

call of duty black ops 2 mw3 Battlefield 3 army - 7077656832
By freshbru

My Teammates

call of duty respawn video games - 6891318784
By fatsalmon15

EA in a Nutshell

call of duty FPS table flip computer games video games computer guy - 7796107008
By Unknown

Gamers in Denial

call of duty black ops 2 funny - 7475667712
By GibbSaw

Call of Duty Logic

call of duty facepalm america - 7701030400
By raymond.romero.589

Camping... It's Complicated...

call of duty camping computer games video games - 7335627776
By tentoes2


call of duty osama Rage Comics video games - 4721441536
By Unknown

Noob Rage

call of duty cod gamers video games - 8135495936
By Unknown

Poor Dog!

call of duty Challenge Accepted mw3 oh god why - 7075367168
By Silverespeon

Kids, it Won't Live Up to Your Expectations

call of duty aging video games cod - 8310026240
By tentoes2

I'll Be the Last Man Crouching

call of duty Challenge Accepted Okay Rage Comics - 6128837888
Via ozzymustaine

Nintendo Gamers Will Know

call of duty zelda nintendo - 7035693824
By Unknown

Kids These Days...

call of duty half life black ops 2 poker face video games - 7699897344
By MissOpheliaMirabilis

Based on a True Story

call of duty black ops 2 true story - 7028813312
By Importer

Mom to the Rescue!

call of duty zombie apocalypse - 7124582912
By LollyPopa
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