Rage Comics


On the Bus

YES. truancy story bus yes - 6631052544
By fladkat

Oh God Why...

singing michael jackson poker face public transportation true story Okay bus - 6669622528

My Bus Summoning Ability

smoking bus stop bus - 8450708224
By Unknown

Unless You'd Like Me to Climb Over?

bus public transportation Rage Comics you dont say - 6040546816
By Unknown

And She Didn't Say Goodbye...

forever alone girls bus dating - 7594244608
By Michiell_Lathouwers

Ghost Train Every Day

scumbag pedobear public transit bus crying - 6791279104
By Trainspotting

Just Drive Away, Who Cares?

bus - 6894080256
By Unknown

That Moment When...

bus transformers pregnant - 8581346816
By Bossitronio2014

Please Be In My Pocket

bus earbuds headphones ipod Rage Comics - 4914242560
By Unknown

Song Interrupted

rage Music bus - 8442728704
By DissolveTheKitten

None of you speak while going to school..

bus - 8565524736
By Awsisazeen

Now That You're Up

bus Rage Comics time truancy story - 5719378688
By Unknown

Personal Space! Personal Spaaaaaaaaaace!

personal space public transit funny bus - 7436033024
By Unknown

I Don't Know Where That is, but You Could Get Off With Me

bus directions FAIL me gusta Rage Comics - 6514129664
By finmichiti

I Humbly Accept This Great Honor

vikings me gusta on the bus bus - 7683411968
By Unknown

Or Maybe I'll Fill Her In

awesome bus cheating Rage Comics win - 5153179136
By Kingsdale
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