Rage Comics


Use It As Hair Gel?

broken FAIL Rage Comics sink soap - 4896623616
By warsandmars

One Broken Lock = Death

broken driving - 8220335360
By beckysharp52

The blame game...

toes dogs doctor broken Okay Cats - 8565399808
By Unknown

The Pencil Lead

broken pencil pencil sharpener rage - 8578939648
By UnicornPlayz

I Did Fix the Cup, Can Never Use it Again, Though

rage trollface broken Cats - 8291700992
By Unknown

At Least There Are Fun Designs Now?

broken fly poker face Rage Comics screen - 4935759616
By TheMonstrosity

I Swear, it Was Broken a Minute Ago!

Awkward broken door train - 6529883648
By Unknown

You'll Pay for This (No, Seriously)

broken camera friend Rage Comics - 5407901952
By Unknown

It Was Like That When You Gave It to Me

broken fu guy phone Rage Comics - 5924200448
By Unknown

Get a Case, Butterfingers

broken iphone Rage Comics - 5398371584
By Unknown

Did I Just Ingest Glass?

bottle broken coke fu glass Rage Comics true story - 6004280064
By McFro95

Glass Statue

rage broken daughter - 8544367360
By AwesomeTrinket

Throw It On the Ground!

best of week broken cell phone iphone Rage Comics - 5663744000
By EpicFuuuail