Rage Comics


We Had a Class Together Once, In the Seventh Grade

braces forever alone Rage Comics teeth - 5326291712
Created by magicaxis007

Oh God, It's So Cold

braces dentist orthodontist Rage Comics - 4819953152
Created by timh12

Hey Metalmouth!

braces I see what you did there - 7164201472
Created by squidman1212

Everything is Metal Forever

braces eating Rage Comics raisin rage Sad - 6095336448
Created by Unknown

Delayed Pain

pain braces - 8452111104
Created by FreeseFan23


braces hurt ouch pain Rage Comics ugh - 4754865152
Created by Unknown

So Smooth

braces dentist teeth sweet jesus orthodontist - 7340176640
Created by Unknown

At Least I Still Have You, Nutella!

braces nutella - 8356912128
Created by Luna_WTFery

Must Chew Gum

braces Rage Comics teeth - 4963763456
Created by Unknown