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She Didn't Leave for Hours...

boyfriend me gusta poker face girlfriend - 6858846976
Created by Unknown

Have a Nice Day, B***h

boyfriend checkout relationships cashier grocery store - 7675626496
Created by freshbru

Noooooo, I Almost Had My UAV!

boyfriend relationships girlfriend video games funny dating - 7518473472
Created by Unknown

The Antidote

boyfriend Awkward relationships - 7129990656
Created by xeperiset

Schlick Through the Loneliness

boyfriend lady times Rage Comics schlick sexy times - 4795323648
Created by iichaa

So Many Buttons, So Little Time

Awkward boyfriend Rage Comics sexytimes - 5379341824
Created by Chabliscat

Story of My Life

boyfriend relationships herpderp dating - 7601776896
Created by tandasilva

Y U No Return My Love

boyfriend girlfriend love Rage Comics raisin face - 5023891968
Created by Rose

Always Available

boyfriend forever alone gf derpina girlfriend crush - 6837099520
Created by Unknown

Not Pretty Anymore

boyfriend no Rage Comics - 5285745664
Created by Unknown

You HAD the Weirdest Boner...

boyfriend Rage Comics touch - 4767095040
Via epic4chan.tumblr.com

Oh Well, Maybe Next Time

boyfriend friends relationships dating - 6491151616
Created by Rhoumbat

Sleeping Situations

boyfriend bed sleeping - 6525358336
Created by Unknown

Keep My Enemies Closer

boyfriend crush i lied poker face Rage Comics - 5117733120
Created by Shagrat ( Via cheezburger.com )

Wish I Was Normal

boyfriend cuddling normal people Rage Comics - 6162239488
Created by Unknown

Facebook and Relationships...

boyfriend relationships girlfriend facebook - 7039241472
Created by Unknown